Gay and Naturist Accomodation in Puglia, Italy

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we are in Apulia, on the Salentina coastal road ,
between the villages of Campomarino and Torre Ovo,
overlooking to the Ionian Sea bright and  clear,
just steps from the gay beach*of  Commenda (Tenuta D'Ayala).
*the naturism is not yet been officially authorized, but it is practised habitually for over thirty years.

Campomarino in Apulia Region, the heel of Italy’s boot, is a seaside village located by the Ionian Sea and hamlet of Maruggio, a small rural village once property of the medieval chivalric order of the Templar Knights before, and Malta Knights after, with a well preserved and lovely historic village centre dating back to the Medieval Age.
The crystal clear sea is usually defined as “Caribbean-style”, the 9 km long coast faces south and it is characterized by smooth and sandy golden beaches alternated with small areas with rocks and reefs, all surrounded by the high sandy dunes covered by Mediterranean shrub land with its intense bouquet.

One of the hot spots of gay life is the Commenda beach: about 1 km of sand and dunes protected by a big private pinewood that makes the access to the beach difficult to families with children, reason why it is the uncontested realm of LGBTs and nudists*.

Lately the number of gay tourists in Campomarino has been constantly increasing, thanks to the beauty of the beaches and the sea, to the welcoming and friendly locals and to the excellent food and wines (we are in the area of production of Primitivo and Negroamaro wines). Besides, the well-known friendly hospitality and a new LGBT disco club with private beach, far from breaking up the peace, the relaxing and quiet atmosphere of the area, make it one of the most promising gay destinations in Apulia.

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